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This New Aesthetic Clinic Is A One-Stop Destination For All Your Beauty Woes

It may not even be a year old, but SW1 Clinic's new holistic and collaborative approach to aesthetic practices will change the way you choose your next facial or body treatment. Here, we talk to the founder, Dr. Low Chai Ling where she shared more about the treatments to try, the skincare products to have and more.

new aesthetic clinic

Treatments for dry and oily skin

LCL: “If you have dry, sensitive skin we recommend the Vitamin Therapy and the Hepburn Hydrafacial, which uses the original hydra facial machine and two enzymatic masks. It is sometimes due to the build-up of dead cells, which blocks your moisturisers from penetrating into your skin. These masks remove the dry skin layer. For oily skin, which is what a lot of Singaporeans have, I’d recommend our deep cleansing treatment known as Deep Deep Clean. The nurses first use sound waves to clean, before using jets of water with very dilute BHAs. The Milk Peel is also very good for oily skin. It helps to get rid of sebum and dirt, whereas many facials nowadays are just extracting without actually clearing. Since the lactic acid is gentle enough, it doesn’t trigger this overreaction of oil. And with oily skin, you have to be careful as if your oily skin becomes too dry, it will begin to overproduce oil.”

Common haircare mistakes

LCL: “When you’re young, you don’t really put sunscreen on your scalp because your hair is like a hat. But once you start losing hair, it becomes sparser thus, being exposed to UV light, which damages the scalp. We have two products – Guardian Angel and Body Guard. The latter is actually a hair and body wash. After using it, the sunscreen ingredient will bind ionically to your scalp and give you an SPF 30 that is waterproof. It is lightweight, invincible in colour and protects the skin. So that’s one thing I realise – a lot of people want to treat their hair but tend to forget how to actually prevent it.”

3 tips to maintain healthy hair

LCL: “The first thing is to actually protect your scalp. You will also want to do treatments once in a while. A lot of people wait until they are balding before they even do anything. I think doing a treatment even before you actually have hair loss (means if you feel your hair is a bit thinner) on a regular basis is helpful. And of course, your diet does make a big difference. If you’re not getting a balanced diet, then you will find that it may be necessary to find some supplements.”