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This New Aesthetic Clinic Is A One-Stop Destination For All Your Beauty Woes

It may not even be a year old, but SW1 Clinic's new holistic and collaborative approach to aesthetic practices will change the way you choose your next facial or body treatment. Here, we talk to the founder, Dr. Low Chai Ling where she shared more about the treatments to try, the skincare products to have and more.

new aesthetic clinic

Best beauty advice someone has ever given you

LCL: “The best beauty advice would be to use eye cream. Many people do not realise this but the skin around our eyes do not have any oil glands so that’s one place you must hydrate. A lot of the ageing around the eye area are non-reversible. You can use all the strong lasers on your face but around the eyes, you can’t. So if you don’t start at a young age, then a lot of the problems around the eyes are very difficult to be treated non-invasively.”

3 skincare products women need in their skincare routine

LCL: “Each of us should be using the gentlest cleanser we can find that our skin can tolerate. Every time we use cleansers that contain soap and SLS, we are damaging our skin as we are taking away the ceramides and essential oils and changing our skin’s pH to alkaline, causing a bit of inflammation every time we cleanse. The other two products will definitely be an eye cream and sunscreen. An eye cream is so important and it should be used at the beginning of your routine as it forms a protective barrier to prevent other active ingredients from penetrating into the skin around the eye that may cause damage and irritation. Sunscreens are also very important and if you have sensitive skin, I recommend you use one that does not contain chemicals.”

Skincare trends

LCL: “We notice that a lot of people don’t just want simple products anymore. They want products with ingredients that are newer. I also think having skincare with different ingredients that are not very common gives you better results because a lot of people tend to duplicate their skincare. So a combination therapy is always more successful. They are also looking for products that provide multi-tasking purposes. We have a product known as Pink Sakae, which helps brighten, whiten and it is anti-ageing.”

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