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The rest of your Sephora wishlist can wait – Tatcha has landed in our humid bubble and you need them on your vanity, stat.

The brand may be new to Singapore, but ask any beauty junkie and she’ll swoon over the impeccably presented line of skincare, encased in hues of pearl, jade and amethyst. The woman behind the brand, Victoria Tsai, was inspired by a chance encounter with a modern day geisha in Kyoto (of course) and was schooled about the 200-year-old skincare rituals that come with the art of being a geisha.

Tatcha’s line of products pays homage to the geisha’s rituals and employs pure, proven ingredients to concoct perfect little bottles of skin salvation you’ll never want to live without. Here are our favourites:

#1: Luminous Dewy Skin Mist, $69

If you ever want skin that’s as dewy as a glazed doughnut (we bet you got that visual), this holy grail mist will do it for you. Incredibly hydrating, this mist, with ingredients like green tea, rice, and algae extracts, is a luxury product, yes, but you’ll scoff at all the other mists you’ve used before. From the nozzle that perfectly distributes the product all over your face, to the rich girl glow you’ll get from spritzing it on, add this to your cart now and send us your selfies later.

#2: Tatcha Polished Classic Rice Enzyme Powder, $95

Perfect for anyone with sensitive skin, this enzyme powder, made of rice and papaya enzymes, transforms to a luxuriously creamy gentle exfoliant that can be used daily.

#3: Aburatorigami Japanese Blotting Papers, $18

The Aburatorigami Japanese Beauty Papers were Tatcha’s first product and they quickly became a coveted must-have in cosmetic bags all over the US. They are exactly the same as the Aburatorigami, oil remover papers, used by professional geisha. If it works on them, it will definitely work for us.

#4: Tatcha The Essence

A luxurious skin softener, this superstar helps to brighten your skin and help it make suppler. With the same consistency as water, pat this into your skin and let it soak in.

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