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The Coolest Nails Spotted On SS20 Runways For Your Next Manicure

When it came to nails, the runways of Spring/Summer 2020 weren't playing. From nude, stiletto-sharp claws to bold, bejwelled nails, these are the coolest nail inspirations to show your nail tech at your next manicure session.
1. Tom Ford
The classic nude nails that can’t go wrong, but made much more extra with its stiletto-shaped sharp edge. 2. Antonio Marras
Arty flecks of neon orange eyeliner on the eyes were also mirrored on the nail art. 3. Bibhu Mohapatra
Like this spherical jewel-studded cocktail bag, the nails of the models at Bibhu Mohapatra were adorned with a bejewelled dangling applique. 4. Fashion East - Yu Han Wang
Haven’t you heard? The ’90s French manicure is cool again and celebs like Kylie Jenner have been spotted flaunting them. We’re loving Yu Han Wang’s spin on it with a cloud-shaped tip. 4. Fashion East - Yu Han Wang
5. Oscar de la Renta
And at Oscar de la Renta, French tips came back in a colour scheme of this year’s Patone Colour of the Year – coral. 5. Oscar de la Renta
6. Prabal Gurung
The epitome of simplicity is sweet. At Prabal Gurung, the OG transparent base and white-coloured nail tips. 7. Jeremy Scott
Like the brand’s multi-coloured Spring/Summer 2020 offerings, each model’s nail was also of different colours and boasted a variety of designs – from contrasting squiggly lines to geometrical shapes. 7. Jeremy Scott
8. Laquan Smith
It was a galore of prints at Laquan Smith because more is really more. Blue metallic flame tips were painted on transparent nail bases. 9. The Blonds
They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so wearing them on our fingers only isn’t enough. Now, wear them on your nails too. 9. The Blonds
And these fiery, red set of nails from The Blonds really take OTT to the next level – what with it’s fan-looking jewel-studded attachment.