hunger games book

hunger games book

While The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 will only hit screens this November, luxury book publisher Assouline has just released a limited edition photo book, Tim Palen: Photographs From The Hunger Games (USD$75/S$102), ahead of the movie opening.


The film’s lead colourist Cherry Petenbrink (below) – aka the one who created Katniss’ glowing brown locks, Peeta’s perfectly coiffed blondish hair and Effie’s outrageous ‘dos – was in town recently as American haircare brand Joico’s guest ambassador. Here, she shares the latest hair trends and how best to maintain curls and volume:

cherry petenbrink

Biggest hair trend now “Ombre hair is still popular because it’s low maintenance. It can be commercial or edgy and appeals to so many different people.”

The hottest hair colour to have now “A mix of soft caramel and honey brown shades. Celebrities’ choices do tend to dictate what’s trending (think the Kardashian clan).”

The hair colour concept for The Hunger Games “The books were set in the future – “75 years after the takeover” – so nothing was cast in stone, unlike a period drama which is set in a specific time period. I worked closely with the director and producers as well as author Suzanne Collins, who was the consultant on set, to create looks we could all agree on. That’s how the Capitol citizens had hair with bright pops of colour to stay true to what Collins described in the books.”


How to maintain Katniss-esque curls in real life “Use good styling products when creating the look. Curling hair after blow-drying without using any product won’t help it have any hold or shine. Also, protecting hair from the heat is important. Joico’s Ironclad Thermal Spray ($36) offers protection of up to 232 degrees Celsius and is humidity-resistant.”

How to achieve volume a la Effie Trinket “Hair Shake (price unavailable), which launches this September, is a new liquid-to-powder hairspray that can create volume quickly, even on fine, limp hair.”

What to use for chemically treated hair “The K-Pak Deep Penetrating Reconstructor Treatment ($42) has a patented technology to rebuild the amino acids in hair that are lost when colouring takes place. It contains tiny molecules that penetrate hair strands (instead of just remaining on the surface like most conditioners do) so they can rebuild and reconstruct hair from the inside.”

Essential haircare products for everyday “Dry shampoo, as it absorbs oils and odours in hair and restores volume too. Joico’s Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo ($34) does not look like a white powder (which appears as if you’re shedding dandruff). It’s made of rice powder, has a pleasant smell and doesn’t leave any powdery residue on hair or clothes. Use hair conditioner daily, weekly or monthly too, depending on hair condition.”


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