DHC skincare
From left: Pore Lotion ($31.90), Pore Essence ($34.90), Pore Milk ($31.90) and Pore Face Wash ($24.90)

Exfoliating skin regularly is a good way to prevent clogged pores since it helps to remove dead skin cells, oil and dirt on the surface, but the latest range from Japanese beauty brand DHC takes a different route by going straight to the root of the problem: Tackling the environmental stresses and other external factors that affect skin condition.

The new pore care range comprises a facial wash, lotion, essence and moisturiser (use them in this order) with natural plant ingredients such as mandarin orange, grapefruit and lemon skin (also the reason for its citrusy scent). How they prevent pores from clogging: with ingredients like olive leaf extract in the Pore Wash Face , which contains anti-oxidants to protect skin from harmful UV rays; African whitewood tree bark extract to control oil production; and Vitamin E in the essence for added protection against environmental damage. Exclusively available at selected Watson’s stores including Takashimaya (#B2-06-09). 


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