Maybelline’s new waterproof liquid liner comes with a duo-thickness flat-tip brush so application is more precise.
Maybellines Hypersharp Wing Liner 2

You don’t just need steady hands to draw on cat-eye liner that’s perfectly symmetrical: you need a product which helps you do that too. One to try is Maybelline’s new HyperSharp Wing Liner ($23.90), which comes with a duo-thickness flat tip brush that helps create both thin and thick eyeliner with more precision. How? The brush tip, which looks like the nib of a fountain pen, has a thin edge (of only 0.01mm) and a thick edge (of 2mm). 

And here’s the trick to getting nicely drawn wings: First, use the thin edge to line the upper lash and outline the shape of the wing. Thereafter, turn the brush so the thicker edge lies against eyelids and fill in the outline. Other plus points: it’s smudge-proof and reportedly lasts for up to 24 hours. Available at Watsons, Guardian and SaSa stores.