Trichokare’s Award Winning Advance Age Defying hair treatment

As we grow older, we will experience changes from head to toe. For many, the dreaded turning point happens in our 30s: when our once raven-black mane starts to lose its shine and volume, while grey strands begin peeping out.

Many of us are guilty of resorting to temporary solutions to hide the embarrassing signs of hair loss or dull, damaged hair. Here are some of the common styling and haircare mistakes that can cause unnecessary stress to your tresses:

Heat styling without protection
Many of us don’t think twice about styling our hair with a hairdryer, straightening iron or curling wand – without heat protection serums or sprays. This is a big no-no as it causes thermal damage and breakage to your hair.

Overdosing on styling products
Products such as mousses, sprays, gels and dry shampoos may be necessary to create that perfect hairdo. However, when used frequently, these products can strip your hair of its natural oils while leaving residue on your scalp, ultimately clogging up and damaging the hair follicles.

Bad hair habits

Trichokare’s Award Winning Advance Age Defying hair treatment
Yes, it’s important to shampoo your hair regularly to cleanse the grease. However, daily shampooing can be bad for you too – it strips your scalp of its natural oils, causing it to compensate by producing even more oil. Another no-no is over-conditioning. Using a conditioner that’s too rich for your hair type or failing to wash it out properly can cause oily roots and limp, greasy hair.

Trichokare’s Award Winning Advance Age Defying hair treatmentIn the long term, these temporary methods are not only damaging and ineffective, but also fail to address the root causes of common hair woes. That’s why it’s important to get professional help from the likes of TK TrichoKare. With over 13 years of experience in providing targeted hair solutions, TrichoKare is one of Singapore’s most trusted trichological centres that provides customised European herbal hair remedies endorsed by certified trichologists.

Using the latest breakthrough technology, TrichoKare has developed a range of personalised treatments suited for different hair types and needs – be it hair loss, oily, sensitive scalp, dandruff or greying hair. One such treatment is the award-winning Advanced Age Defying Hair programme developed for both men and women with hair loss issues.

The whole programme begins with a comprehensive hair and scalp analysis to see what your hair and scalp really looks like. It is followed by a customised premium European herbal scalp masque, hair bath, hot pad relaxation and the TriOxy 3-Step Process of OxyPeel, OxyJet and OxyNutrient which features a needleless jet infusion of oxygen and nutrients that penetrate deeply into the scalp. Finally, a laser light technology that supports hair regeneration and helps accelerate healing. Altogether, the whole treatment helps restore your hair and scalp health.

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