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The Pro Foundation Brushes To Add To Your Stash Now

What to look out for and which ones to try – we break it down for you.

Unless you’re a makeup artist or makeup enthusiast who comes into frequent contact with makeup brushes, chances are, you’re confused about which foundation brush to add to your stash. Sure, there are people who swear by sponges or puffs such as the Beauty Blender, and there are those who just prefer to use their fingers to apply their base makeup – so it’s more a preference than a must-have.

But what a foundation brush should do is to “work with the movement of your hand and your own strength, to allow the foundation to glide better around your facial contours,” says professional makeup artist Larry Yeo. This means if you prefer to “paint” on your foundation, you will find that a flat-top brush won’t work as well for you as a paintbrush-type brush. So you’ll need to try a few types before deciding on what shape works best for the type of finish you want.

Then there’s the question synthetic bristles versus those made with real hair. “Real hair is good for powder-based products, while synthetic bristles work better for liquid or cream-based foundation,” explains Larry.

Here are six to try:

The Multi-Tasker: 13rushes x Larry Yeo Universal Do-it-all Face, $39.90
Makeup artist Larry Yeo spent two years to come up with this brush design. The bristles are packed as dense as possible to give movement to allow for even distribution of makeup. The slanted dome shape makes it intuitive to use, and the bristles are specially designed so it works as well for liquid and cream as powders. Plus, the brush can be used to apply face cream and sunscreen too – a true do-it-all. Ideal for liquid, gel or cream foundation: Chanel Les Pinceaux de Chanel Retractable Foundation Brush, $80
This retractable brush with synthetic bristles is shaped to hug your face contours for more precise application. Use it to pick up foundation that has been dispensed on the back of the hand, then use the brush to buff the foundation from the centre of the face outwards. Build the layers for higher coverage. For Buffing and Blending: M.A.C Cosmetics 170 Synthetic Rounded Slant Brush, $70
The rounded, domed and slanted shape of the brush makes it ideal for buffing out and blending thicker creams and liquids. The bristles are synthetic and super densely packed. Great For Liquid Foundation: Cover FX Liquid Foundation Brush, $59
This flat-top brush design combined with fibres used for the synthetic bristles mimic natural hair while absorbing less product. It’s also good for tinted moisturisers, and BB and CC creams. For Effortless Contours: Marc Jacobs Beauty The Seamless Liquid Foundation Brush, $68
This densely packed synthetic foundation brush is designed to hug the face contours. The flat sides and tapered edge make it easy to reach every part of your face, such as the sides of the nose and under the eyes. The Multi-Use Foundation Brush: Three Powder Foundation Brush, $83
A versatile brush, the widest part can be used to blend foundation onto your cheeks and forehead while the narrow parts can be used for more precise application on the sides of your nose. The bristles are synthetic, but they are made with a “cuticles” (like real hair) so it works for all types of foundation.