victoria beckham
Victoria Beckham Fall ’15

In the ’60s, it helped create the era’s doll-like peepers. In the ’80s, it was laid on thick to channel grunge. And in the 2000s, no WAG would be seen without it, worn thin over the entire eye.

This is the look that keeps on delivering, and its latest role is a reminder of its adaptability and sex appeal: soft and smudgy, as the cooler alternative to the smoky eye. See how the Female Collective’s Guan Min, Linda Hao and Hanli Hoefer pull off the look below.

Guan Min’s sexy, sultry take:

Linda Hao’s look is a lot more edgy:

And Hanli Hoefer makes hers doll-like pretty:


An adapted version first appeared in Female‘s September issue, out on newsstands now. 

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