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The Z-Factor: The New And True Faces Of Beauty To Pay Attention To

An exclusive photo series by the romantic 25-year-old Uruguayan lensman, model and regular female collaborator Franco Schicke, featuring the new and true faces of beauty.
1. Adau/Muse NYC
Franco Schicke (FS): “Adau walked onto our set with a warm grin. For her, modelling is a way of meeting people, (going) places, and having an avenue to spread positive views on things that are commonly ignored. For example, she talked to me about mental health (and how she hopes to) end the stigma that it carries – it’s okay to not be okay and seek help. Her long neck, a cute smile and a distinct scar above her mouth that she’s had her whole life make up just a small part of what makes her a model whom any photographer would like to work with again and again.”    Leather coat, Tod’s 1. Adau/Muse NYC
2. Lily Chapman/Wilhelmina
FS: “I shot Lily for the first time exactly a year before this shoot, and she’s not only super nice, but also really fun. For her, modelling equals fun and I love that. I also love that she’s always open to anything that I come up with (as a photographer). I heart my freckled friends.”   Chiffon and leather dress with studs, and leather boots, Longchamp 2. Lily Chapman/Wilhelmina
Wool bustier and matching skirt, Dior 3. Indu/IMG Models
FS: “Just 17 years old, Indu has already been signed to her agency for a while. She told me that she loves being a model and I told her that I love her braces, which she of course hates. The conversation made me think of how we all tend to see ‘flaws’ in ourselves and dislike them, but others might actually find them cute or interesting. (To think that) I usually worry about working with younger models because I never know what to talk to them about.”   Dior Tribales resin earrings, Dior. Cotton shirt, Prada 3. Indu/IMG Models
4. Liza O/System
FS: “I’ve been wanting to work with Liza for the longest time. Her face is so interesting – she looks like an alien to me. I realised upon meeting her that she has freckles all over her cheeks. She told me that she loves them as they remind her of her mum, whose body is fully covered in freckles – even her fingers. We also talked about how Russians are the bad guys in nearly every American movie and how nice Russian models actually are. Liza is no exception.”   Silk top and leather skirt, Hermes 4. Liza O/System
  Leather shirt and shoes, and patent leather skirt, Tod’s. Socks, stylist’s own 5. Mannat & Sirat/Unite Unite
FS: “Mannat and Sirat are identical twins, but the closer you get (to them) and the more time you spend with them, you realise that they are not all that identical. They are at once different and the same, and I find that so amazing. Mannat is more introverted, quiet, and a bit more mysterious than Sirat, who’s quirkier yet also pretty mysterious. You know instinctively that they’re nice people with a dark sense of humour. On set, they bantered over which of them was the first to get bangs and bleach their eyebrows. I also learnt that every time they go home to their parents’ house in India, they drink warm cow’s milk before bed, and that’s a thing all over the country.”   On Mannat (left): Wool jacket and cotton shirt, Louis Vuitton. On Sirat (right): Celine By Hedi Slimane silk dress, Celine. All earrings, models’ own 5. Mannat & Sirat/Unite Unite
On Sirat: Celine By Hedi Slimane silk dress, Celine. Earrings, model’s own 6. Scarlett/New York Models
FS: “Being a model myself and working both in front of and behind the camera, I like finding out what other models really think about their job. Scarlett came across as shy, but I think she was actually just a little tired on our shoot day – it was a Sunday and 100 degrees Fahrenheit (37 deg C) outside. She admitted though that modelling was a great thing to do on the side because it allows her to meet new people.”    Silk dress, Kate Spade New York. Earrings, model’s own 7. Amelia Milne/Muse NYC
FS: “I’ve been wanting to book Amelia for the longest time, and finally being able to work with her was just awesome. I discovered her while browsing the Calvin Klein website and was so happy to see curvy girls getting out there with such cool and influential brands. She’s so comfortable in her own skin and confident about her body, which is so important for an industry that’s been holding on to old-fashioned ideals of beauty for so long. She’s not only a representation of the present, but also the future. I don’t like to categorise the models whom I work with, and she’s no exception. I don’t care if you’re plus-sized, curvy, a size zero or have any ‘flaws’. If you’ve something to give and say, I’m all for it.”   Chiffon shirt and tweed skirt, Chanel 8. Giannie
FS: “I found Giannie on the Instagram account @moremodelsofcolor, which showcases a vast and diverse cast of models of colour from all over the world – it’s one of my favourite accounts as it offers plenty of inspiration. Originally from Martinique, Giannie caught my attention because she’s one of the few ‘older’ models featured. I could also sense from her photo that she possesses a very calm, soothing energy. As it turns out, she’s actually a stylist who has worked with magazines like The Face and was an editor at i-D, publications that I’ve always looked up to. She’s so classy and charismatic, yet also so down-to-earth, giving me a warm hug before leaving our shoot. Respect indeed.”   Leather vest, Proenza Schouler 8. Giannie