Whether it’s game-changing masks or skin-soothing mists, these four beauty products will definitely improve your life – and your skin.

The 4 Beauty Products To Get Right Now 1

1. SK’II’s round-the-clock facial mists

For women who can’t get enough of SK-II’s Pitera, the Japanese brand has this proposal: How about a portable version, no, two portable versions that you can use 24/7, wherever you are, over other skincare, over any kind of makeup, and over sunscreen? The Mid-day and Mid-night Miracle Essences have mist particles that are reportedly four times smaller than visible pores, and act as skin boosters (when you’re in between am and pm skincare routines) to keep complexion fresh and radiant. Why? Because you can look as good as what you started the day with, and take care of it in the most convenient way from sunrise to sunset. Recommended dosage: every four hours, up to five times daily. The night version also has menthol to cool and soothe irritated skin. In 50ml, $89 each.

The 4 Beauty Products To Get Right Now 2

2. The Nars blusher that’s better when wet

Except for gremlins, a lot of magic seems to happen when we just add water. In the case of Nars’ latest Dual-Intensity Blush, its powder turns into dreamy watercolour with a little mist of H2O. How? Spray it on a blusher brush (or use the brand’s Wet/Dry Blush Brush #23); use it to pick up product from each compact (which holds two complementary shades that can be used singly or mixed); dab cheek; and swirl brush in circles for a subtle wash of flush that’s as natural as your own – or not. For the latter, just use more product. In six colour combos, $68 each.


The 4 Beauty Products To Get Right Now 3

3. Shiseido Vital-Perfection anti-aging range

This is what we know of them: The skin generally produces age spots automatically when we get older because they are a by-product of, well, age, and not environmental inflammation or neglect. Laser will take care of it. And now, Shiseido’s Vital-Perfection, a skincare range for mature skin, wants to take a stab at it too. Its White Circulator Serum works on the same premise as most whitening products: block pigmentation-causing signals. The watery serum for twice a day also targets surface dark spots for better radiance. Use after toner or softener. $196


The 4 Beauty Products To Get Right Now 4

4. The Game Changer: Cle de Peau Beaute’s Intensive Brightening Mask

This two-piece sheet mask belongs in a category of its own – as it does more than whitening. It also exfoliates like a gentle chemical peel, which equals smoother and brighter skin – faster. Its top half has raspberry extract (supposedly a natural astringent) that also balances an oily T-zone, while the bottom half tightens pores around the cheeks. If recommended usage wasn’t for twice a week, we would use it twice a day. $165 for a box of six sheets. – MSY

An adapted version first appeared in Female‘s May issue, out on newsstands now. 

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