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These Are The Best Manicure Places To Get Insta-Worthy Nails

These are the best FEMALE-approved places to get your manicure fix.

Finding a good nail technician who understands your aesthetic sense is akin to finding the one, if you’d ask me. And for that exact reason, I stick with the tried-and-tested places that I love no matter what because I have – one too many times – sat in manicure sessions that lasted up to a few hours, only to be disappointed with the end result and still had to pay the cost of a kidney for it. Not to mention, the countless times I’ve been forced to sit through painful sessions, where I had to shed (literal) blood and sweat just for that perfect set of nails. Below, the places that I’m currently loving and the reasons you should too.

1. @glamourclawz

Why: Simply because the 23-year-old behind this nail account, who goes by Becca, is really Singapore’s answer to Jenny Bui. In case you didn’t know, Jenny Bui’s the celebrity nail artist behind Cardi B’s elaborate nail sets. Which explains why the nail technician has a very strict aesthetic when it comes to the type of nail art she does. Let us warn you that these aren’t for the basic of tastes. A quick peruse through her Instagram page would reveal that she sticks to her artistic principles of nail sets that involve extensions in a soft stiletto, stiletto or coffin shape. She’s also sure to indicate that she doesn’t dabble in what she calls Japanese or Korean-style nail designs. Her intricate nail artistry can take anywhere from between two and a half hours (for simple, yet chic designs) to six hours (for detailed designs that require dedicated freehand graphics and jewellery) to complete. If that sounds like too long of a nail appointment for you to handle, fret not because she’s got water and food stocked up at her nail salon that’s located at Kallang.

2. @nailgasm

Why: Because this nail salon promises you a set of nails so pretty that you’ll have a – yes, you guessed it – nail-gasm. We love how their nail art ranges from minimalistic nail sets to blinged-out ones that are so extra, so you’re sure to find something that suits you, regardless of your preferred designs. The nail salon, that recently turned one-year-old, offers a myriad of nail services to suit your needs too. It ranges from an express manicure (at $28) for the times when your nails just need a quick pick-me-up to intricate nail designs with extensions (at $135).