CEO of French beauty brand Ioma Paris Jean Michel Karam (below) tells us how their new health supplement, Collagen Renew, addresses signs of aging.   

These Collagen Supplements Prevent Wrinkles And Give You More Radiant Skin 1

Collagen starts deteriorating in your thirties.
“From the age of 35 years old, collagen production slows down and its quality also deteriorates. This phenomenon accelerates even more once you turn 45, and also during menopause.”

The pills help to boost collagen – from the inside. 
“Collagen production is located deep within the dermis layer of skin (it’s the layer right below the epidermis, or skin surface). By ingesting the supplement orally, it will stimulate collagen production in skin cells. Plus, the pills consist of a patented mixture of powerful ingredients such as omega-3 (which activate collagen genes to produce more of the good stuff) and vitamin E (to protect the production of new collagen).” 

These Collagen Supplements Prevent Wrinkles And Give You More Radiant Skin 2

Three pills a day is the recommended daily dose. 
“The clinical studies we have done indicate that taking three pills every day for 105 days is the optimal duration and dosage. In these studies, done in three different countries on over 550 post-menopausal women, results showed that wrinkles were reduced by 25%, while collagen quality and quantity was boosted.” 

You can track your progress on your mobile phone. 
“Collagen Renew Coach is a free app available for download on the Apple iTunes store and Google Play. It guides you along the course of your treatment, and you can conduct a high-tech skin diagnostic before and after the course of your treatment (of three months) to compare the data yourself.” $160, Level 1 Robinsons The Heeren. 

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