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This Cool Artisanal Fragrance Brand Will Replace Your Current Favourites

Our current fragrance obsession? This cool fragrance brand that concocts niche juices for the chic modern bohemian. We speak about inspiration, design, sustainability and more, over coffee with CEO of Miller Harris, Sarah Rotheram.

How does the design of the packaging and perfume bottles complete the whole Miller Harris experience?

SR: “We use our bottles and packaging to tell stories. For the Forage series – which is about collecting ingredients from the city we live in – we went out foraging with perfumers, chefs and mixologists to understand the world beneath our feet. The packaging is designed to be reusable and continues the whole story of the fragrance. You can plant something in it or you can grow seeds in it. We try to think of the whole journey when we think of the packaging.”

There’s a huge trend in the beauty realm for clean beauty brands. What does this mean for Miller Harris that positions itself as an environmentally-conscious fragrance brand?

SR: “‘Clean’ is quite a generous word that keeps appearing in beauty at the moment. We use very high levels of naturals but we’re not 100 per cent natural and organic – which is usually what people think of when they think clean. We’re vegan, meaning that we don’t use any animal derivatives in our products. We’re free of phosphates, sulfates, allergens and the nasties. Our commitment is to be passionate about our planet, so our focus is on sustainability. Sometimes, sustainability coming first means that a synthetic is sometimes a better alternative because organic can sometimes use significantly more natural resources such as water. I would never say that we’re a clean brand because, first and foremost, we make choices that are right for the planet. For Christmas last year, we challenged our design agency to give us a more sustainable Christmas solution because Christmas in the beauty industry means lots of packaging, wraps and putting two little things in a massive box. We decided to wrap with a 100 per cent silk scarves because it’s a mantra for us as a brand to recycle and be recyclable and reusable.