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This Facial Gives You Radiant Skin Instantly

The New Essential Facial (Plus) at DRx Medispa treats dull, uneven skin so effectively, the results are immediately visible.

This Facial Gives You Radiant Skin Instantly

For: Dull, uneven skin 

Where: The DRx Medispa, #16-02 Tong Building, tel: 6733-1555

Price: $250   

How: The 90-minute facial uses mostly clinical instruments. First, a deep-cleansing microdermabrasion. Next, skincare like an antioxidant watery essence is “pushed” into skin with a Derma-infuser. Then, a customised serum is massaged in using an ultrasonic device. The only thing that doesn’t use any device: a face mask of soothing seaweed extract that cools and tingles.

Verdict: The microdermabrasion feels like something hard is scraping my skin. There is continuous pain for 10 minutes, but it’s bearable after a while. My complexion looks immediately brighter after. The mask also makes my face feel cleaner and smoother. This facial is so effective that my concealer appears a shade darker the next day.