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First let us start off by saying this is not your ordinary toner. The Lancome Clarifique Dual Essence ($140) is an essence infused toner that does four things: lighten pigmentation, boost epidermal – that the layer of your skin just below your protective barrier – regeneration, hydrate and gently exfoliate.

Lancome Clarifique Dual Essence ($140)

And the secret to this multitasker: enzymes.

Enzymes are biological accelerators. What this means is that they can speed up biochemical reactions by providing alternative pathways, while also consuming less energy as they do so. Fun fact, enzymes are also the perfect example of sustainability in that they are recyclable. 

The Lancome Clarifique Dual Essence is made with beech bud extract, which boosts your skin’s enzymes’ expression and activity. The extract works on Kallikrein 5 and 7, the enzymes found in the stratum corneum – skin’s protective barrier – to regulate cell shedding and support skin’s natural renewal process to improve your complexion’s clarity, texture and tone.

It also activates the enzymes that are responsible for cell differentiation to boost skin regeneration, to give you a healthier, stronger and more youthful-looking complexion

Last but not least, beech bud extract also boosts the activity of enzyme that transforms filagrin in skin into natural moisturising factors to improve hydration. 

The Clarifique Dual Essence has a bi-phase formula made of 97 per cent clear, watery essence infused with French beech bud extract, and three per cent lipidic enriched essence that contains grape seed oil rich in omega 6 fatty acid, a linoleic acid that nourishes skin and boosts its vitality and ability to act as a barrier.  

The bottle comes with a whisk in the centre that helps to mix the two together with just a few firm shakes. Apply it after cleansing, but before your regular serum and moisturiser. For best results, use a cotton pad and pat the liquid all over your face. 

We tested it for a week and were super impressed with the results. Immediately after using it, our complexion looked brighter and fresher. After a few days, we could feel a significant improvement in the texture and softness of our skin. It’s definitely going to be a permanent fixture in out beauty shelf.