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Why Are Girls Putting Socks In Their Hair All Over TikTok?

Because that's the secret to achieving great looking curls. *Flicks hair*.

As Tyga’s and Curtis Roach’s catchy TikTok-approved corona virus anthem puts it, we’re all “bored in the house and we’re in the house, bored”. Speaking of the video app, it has not only been a great source of entertainment during these times but also an avenue for the beauty community to congregate. A quick scroll through the application shows content ranging from viral beauty products, advice from dermatologists and aestheticians, and beauty hacks for everyday use. One hot trend we can’t seem to get enough of is the so-called “sock curls” phenomenon that is popular among the Gen Z users of the platform (the hashtag #sockcurls garnering 44 million views on TikTok as of press time).


@saracarstensbecause a few of you asked me how I do my sock curls 😇 ##foryou ##trend ##sockcurls ##tutorial

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This heatless option of getting natural-looking waves overnight by tying socks into your tresses can reportedly last the whole day. Besides that, this fuss-free alternative to a curling iron also protects your locks from the damage of heating tools on your hair. While the idea of using pieces of cloth or foam rollers to curl your hair is not revolutionary – they’ve been around since the ’50s and ’60s – their revival on social media is definitely putting the focus again on the soft waves that our ’90s hair baes like SJP.

Above, we show the steps on how you too can get into the action.

Step 1: Section out hair and wrap your hair around a long sock
Adjust the tightness of your curls by changing the thickness of the socks you use. For looser, bohemian waves, try a thick sock, or using a larger section of hair. Damp hair is also optional, but not necessary.   Image Courtesy of @saracarstens Step 1: Section out hair and wrap your hair around a long sock
Don’t want to use socks? A towel or scraps of fabric might be an alternative.   Image Courtesy of @chedsneh Step 2: Secure your curls with a bobby pin or hair tie at the end
Image Courtesy of @allisonkayyy Step 3: Sleep with your curls
Alternatively, you could let your hair air-dry through the day for at least four hours, until dry.   Image Courtesy of @saracarstens Step 4: Remove the socks, and say hello to wavy locks
Image Courtesy of @jessicaredshaw Step 5: Comb through your hair for some natural waves
Image Courtesy of @chedsneh