the history of whoo lee young-ae
The brand’s global ambassador actress Lee Young-Ae

Launched in 2003 after the South Korean government commissioned LG’s Household & Health Care department to create a skincare brand to exemplify the country’s traditions, the History Of Whoo boasts formulas reportedly used by ancient Korean empresses.

At its core is the use of Eastern medicinal herbs to balance skin and encourage self-regeneration. All its products contain the exclusive Gongjinbidan complex, an ingredient made of six herbs: Siberian deer antler, angelica root, cornelian cherries, acanthopanax root bark, asparagus root and wild thyme. Together, they reportedly work to make skin appear younger, healthier and more radiant.

the history of whoo

While it has a comprehensive range that covers concerns from anti-ageing to whitening, there are two must-haves all first-timers should try: Bi Chup Ja Saeng Essence ($205) and Soon Hwan Essence ($122). The former is a do-it-all elixir said to boost cell turnover and repair, while plumping skin and improving the efficacy of subsequent skincare. Since its launch in 2010, more than 200 million bottles of the serum have been sold. The latter, which should be used immediately after cleansing, reportedly helps detoxify skin and reduce “heatiness” to lessen irritation and sensitivity.


An adapted version first appeared in Female’s October issue.

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