Local bar Tippling Club pairs up with English perfume house Penhaligon’s to create a drink inspired by its classic fragrance Sartorial.

If You Like Penhaligons Perfumes Try This Cool Cocktail

This (above) looks every inch like the perfume, but it isn’t. This is Sartorial the cocktail, inspired by Sartorial the fragrance and served in a bottle within a box that looks just like its namesake’s. (The pic below it is of Sartorial the scent – see? I said they looked alike.)
If You Like Penhaligons Perfumes Try This Cool Cocktail 1
Lift the stopper of the drink bottle and sniff – the smoky scent that first hits you is supposed to be reminiscent of the smell of cigar smoke, one of the elements that inspired the fragrance. It’s a strong drink, made with Monkey Shoulder whisky. To balance this, Kamil Foltan, head bartender at Tippling Club (38 Tanjong Pagar Road, 6475-2217), has added honey infused with pepper, cloves and other aromatic ingredients – a reflection of beeswax and neroli notes the fragrance is known for. (Here’s another famous bar that also created cocktails inspired by bespoke fragrances).

Foltan (below) took two months to perfect this drink. Even finding the right honey, he says, took weeks – he wanted something that didn’t overpower the other ingredients or dilute the flavour of the whisky. Foltan also consulted the perfume’s nose, Bertrand Duchafour, on the composition of the cocktail. “He was really interested in what we were doing, and made a few suggestions based on the list of ingredients I emailed him,” says the mixologist, who tells me that he enjoyed creating this cocktail – aroma is something he’s always paid close attention to in his bar concoctions.
If You Like Penhaligons Perfumes Try This Cool Cocktail 2

Though Penhaligon’s perfumes are made to be worn by both men and women, Sartorial the cocktail is more of a man’s drink – though women who love whisky-based drinks will find it a refreshing departure from girly cocktails (yes, we’re looking at you Carrie Bradshaw).

But if you must have a fruity drink, try Tippling Club’s Juniper Sling (below), created in 2011 and inspired by the Penhaligon’s fragrance of the same name. Like the Sartorial cocktail, this berry-flavoured take on the classic gin and tonic is served in a bottle within a box that appears, at first glance, to be the actual fragrance.

“We thought it would be nice to have two cocktails – his and hers, if you like,” says Caroline Biles, brand manager (Singapore) at Penhaligon’s.

Or hers and hers, if, like me and Biles, you’re happy to drink most anything.

If You Like Penhaligons Perfumes Try This Cool Cocktail 3

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