The treatment

Clear SK LaserSlim FatMelt is a non-invasive slimming treatment that uses lasers, which are meant to help speed up metabolism and break down fat cells. Flat panels are applied to targeted areas of my body (in my case, the abdomen) for 10 minutes to transmit the lasers.

After that, the therapist applies a cooling gel to the same area before massaging it with a hand-held roller, which has a vacuum-like effect. This supposedly boosts my body’s own lymphatic drainage to encourage the release of fat cells. After 10 minutes, she uses her hands to give my tummy a firm massage, and ends by applying a cream to hydrate and tighten skin.

The verdict

It’s fast (only 30 minutes) and requires zilch downtime. The lasers feel comfortably warm on skin (like I am hugging a hot water bottle), but the suctioning effect of the massage roller is rather painful. My abdominal area looks slightly flatter and feels firmer. Plus: The circumference of my waist and hips each dropped by 1cm. $220, ClearSK Premier Medi-Aesthetics, #07-04 Scotts Medical Center, tel: 6100-6868

Image: Loewe FW ’15

An adapted version first appeared in Female’s November issue.

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