The twilly doesn’t just refer to the narrow piece of scarf that so many Hermes silk aficionados love – it has also become the byword for a range of whimsical perfumes.

Since its launch in 2017, Twilly d’Hermes has built a reputation for being the baby in Hermes’ olfactory stable with its irreverent and flirtatious scent profile. But that fact doesn’t discount how complex the eau de parfums are given their distinctive use of just three key ingredients to ground the scents.

Peony, candied ginger and cedar wood are the three materials used in the Twilly Eau Ginger.

Fast forward to this month and the Twilly d’Hermes collection welcomes the youngest member to the family, joining the OG Twilly d’Hermes (cue the notes of ginger, tuberose and sandalwood) and the Twilly d’Hermes Eau Poivree (a spicy concoction of vibrant pink peppercorn, rose and patchouli).

Called Twilly d’Hermes Eau Ginger, the EDP opens with a vibrant and energetic burst of vibrant peony, candied ginger and cedar, or a sense of “contagious joy” that Hermes’ nose Christine Nagel wants to capture in a bottle.


The Twill d’Hermes Eau Ginger sports a special white bottle cap unlike its predecessors which came in black.

Speaking of bottles, the honey-coloured potion is encased in Twilly d’Hermes’ trademark square cut bottle sat with a cap made to resemble an oversized bowler hat. But unlike its predecessors – and perhaps as a nod to the bright profile of the scent – the cap is rendered in a cheery white hue.

As with all Twilly d’Hermes bottles, a sliver of silk ribbon adorns the neck of the bottle – this time with a pattern from the ‘Astrologie nouvelle’ scarf print featuring a refreshed colourway in pink, orange and yellow.

The Twilly d’Hermes Eau Ginger EDP is priced at $113 (for 30ml), $168 (50ml), and $235 (85ml) and is available at Hermes boutiques, Level 1 Takashimaya D.S. and on