useful hacks Traveling and going on vacations are some of the greatest joys in life. But the haggard face, sallow, parched skin, messy, unruly hair, and extreme dryness on the plane can throw a wet blanket on your holiday, even before it begins. Don’t let that happen. Luck favours the prepared so before your next holiday, do a bit of beauty homework to look totally amazing the next time you land on vacay.

#1: Gently Exfoliate Before Flyinguseful hacks

To keep skin healthy and moisturised, slough off dead skin and hydrate well. This applies to the face and the body. Try to do this at least one day before getting on the plane and continue to moisturise afterwards on the flight and during the trip for silky smooth and healthy skin while you’re away. Use a gentle exfoliator so as not to irritate the skin. We like Sukin Renewing Body Scrub ($16) from Guardian and Clinique Pep-Start 2-in-1 Exfoliating Cleanser ($39).

#2: Moisturise While On The Planeuseful hacks

This is a hugely important tip. Air humidity on a plane can be as low as 2-15 percent whereas in Singapore it’s 65-95 percent. This can affect you in several ways and one of them is drying out your skin. As soon as you take your seat on the plane, if you were wearing makeup, cleanse it off with a makeup wipe or baby wipe, then apply an intensively moisturising face cream like Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream ($70), lip balm like Guerlain KissKiss Roselip – Hydrating & Plumping Tinted Lip Balm ($52), and hand & nail cream like Nivea Nourishing Hand Cream ($6.20) to avoid crepe-like and wrinkled skin on landing.

#3: Consider Lash Extensions Or A Tint

useful hacks

It’s best to get lash extensions or a lash tint rather than rely on your usual mascara if you’re going to be traveling and especially if it is to a beach holiday where you’re going to be in and out of water. Rather than restrict your fun to fit in with your beauty routine, make your beauty routine low-maintenance, resilient and long-lasting. At Browhaus, Lash In Bloom lash extensions will set you back $80 and Lashgraphy colour tinting is $37.

#4: Put A Hair Mask On The Night Beforeuseful hacks

Traveling whether to a beach vacay or colder climate dries out your tresses so to keep your mane glossy by putting on a deep conditioning hair mask the day before you fly. Firstly you’ll look fabulous at the airport and on board your hair will be easier to maintain with less frizz too. Maybe take a little tub of the mask with you for a mini-top up treatment while you’re away. Try Skinfood Argan Oil Silk Plus Hair Mask Pack ($18.90) or Sephora Hair Sleeping Mask ($7).

#5: Bring A Luxury Eye Maskuseful hacks

Try to figure out how you need to adapt your body clock for your new destination and get some beauty sleep by blocking out plane light with a soft, luxury eye mask, preferable in a silk fabric.  These are way better for the delicate skin around your eyes compared to the complimentary ones you get on most flights, which can irritate dry, sensitive skin around the eyes. Our must-have is Slip Silk Eye Mask (US$34.06) from

#6: Get A Gel Mani And Pedi In Advance

useful hacks

To make sure your nails look perfect from the moment you land to the end of your holiday, invest in a gel mani and pedi just before you go. This is special nail polish that’s effectively ‘baked’ onto the nail with UV light, and should stay shiny, gorgeous and chip-proof for weeks. Perfect if you’re planning to be in sandals or open-toe shoes on your trip. To keep nails healthy, bring along a cuticle oil and apply it to the base of the nail every day, massaging it in. We like NCLA So Rich Vitamin E Enriched Cuticle Oil ($27).

#7: Pack Flight Socksuseful hacks

You may feel silly compressing your legs in extremely tight socks on the plane but your lithe calves and ankles will thank you once you land.Not only do compression flight socks stop the ‘cankle’ look you get from swollen legs but they greatly reduce risk of getting deep vein thrombosis on board. So it’s great for beauty and your health. Try Scholl Flight Socks ($52) from Guardian.

#8: Hair-Free Tipsuseful hacks

The low humidity on board can irritate freshly-waxed skin. You don’t want your skin to look all red and blotchy when you’re on holiday so it’s best to either wax or get an IPL hair removal treatment two days before flying off, and make sure you use lots of made-for-purpose soothing cream or body lotion afterwards to calm the skin after. Our current body lotion faves are Frei ol Revital Body Lotion ($29.90) and Hysses Lemongrass Body Lotion ($27.90).

#9: Reduce Bloating On The Plane

useful hacks

The change in air pressure may cause gases in your body to expand and give you the feeling of being bloated, but there are ways you can help reduce this effect. The best and most healthy meals to get are usually vegan and you can order them for free in advance while managing your booking online – but avoid the bread roll. Don’t add salt, avoid dairy and drink plenty of water. No alcohol or caffeine (caffeine is also terrible for jet lag) and especially no gassy fizzy drinks and sodas. Try not to chew gum as this can cause bloating too. Try to eat a bigger meal before you get on the plane so you don’t eat too much while flying.

#10: Bring Eye Dropsuseful hacks

Back to the humidity, or lack of on the plane, this can seriously dry your nasal passages and eyes too. Dry eyes and noses are really not pleasant. A saline spray can help with nasal dryness, and you can relieve bloodshot, irritated and red eyes with some gentle moisturising eye drops for beautifully sparkling eyes. Try Rohto C Cube Eye Drops ($7.95) and Sato Nazal Spray ($7.95).

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