Veteran hair maestro Henri Leong tells you how to get the best out of your professional salon visit.

B List Veteran Hair Maestro Henri Leong On How To Get The Best Out Of Your Professional Salon Visit

Henri Leong (above), director of Cinq salon, has been in the trade for about 30 years. That’s 30 years of making clients happy, helping them embrace the hair they’ve got, and working magic with every kind of hair length and texture.

“I don’t cut according to trends or face shapes or whatever the fad is now,” says Leong, who’s been running Cinq for 10 years. “It’s all about attitude – I cut hair to suit the attitude and style of the wearer.”

Here, Leong’s tips on getting your money’s worth at a professional salon.


Find out about the salon – who goes there, and the kind of cuts it specialises in
“Every salon is different. You have to pick one that suits your personal style. Find out if your friends have tried it and get their views, or just walk into the salon and talk to the director.”

Prepare photos to show your hairstylist
“You and your hairstylist might have different ideas of what ‘short’ is, what curls should look like. A photo reference will help prevent communication breakdowns and is a good starting point for further discussion.”


Moderate your expectations
“A hair style isn’t a manufactured product, so you won’t get exactly the same style as the actress or the model whose photo you’ve brought as reference. It’s just not possible – always remember that the hair styles you see in magazines are styled up, and whether you can achieve them depends on your hair texture and thickness, the humidity, all sorts of things.”

Have a clear idea of what you want
“You know best how much styling you’re willing to do and what styles you like. Never let your hairdresser do anything you’re not comfortable with. If, after a consultation, you don’t feel ready for a new cut or style, reschedule the appointment. Take time to think about it. A cut takes an hour to do, but you’ll be living with it for months.”

Talk to your stylist
“Tell your hairstylist what you do, what your routine is like and whether there have been changes to your lifestyle – if you’re pregnant, for example, your hair texture will change. And if you’re going to be spending a lot of time outdoors, your hair style needs to adapt.”

Ask him anything
“Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Getting tips about haircare and styling and everything else your hairdresser knows is part of what you’re paying for at a professional salon. If your hairdresser finds this annoying, go elsewhere.”


Maintain, maintain, maintain
“Listen to your hairdresser when he gives you advice on haircare and styling products. He’s more intimate with your hair than you are! The right products will keep your hair healthy, and you can do so much more with healthy hair.”

Cinq is at #03-16 Scotts Square (tel: 6636-0100).