Remember when the concept of the 10 step Korean skincare routine first burst onto the scene in 2014, thanks to Soko Glam’s Charlotte Cho? Beauty editors in the West started evangelising the trend with the frenzy that was partly fanaticism and partly results-driven, accompanied by a heavy dose of mysticism.

But eventually, the dust settled. Sometime last year, the skip-care routine starting gaining traction in South Korea. Think of it as an antithesis to the 10 step skincare routine. As its name suggests, the skip-care trend involves skipping skincare routine steps and products that you just don’t need. Instead, you should focus on finding multi-tasking products like Wei’s Rice Sprout Express Glow Illuminating Mask that address multiple concerns and a lotion-type toner similar to Laneige Cream Skin Refiner, that’s rich enough to moisturise the skin.

Don’t be overzealous in your Marie Kondo-ing, however, as some steps should never be eliminated. By that, we mean using a dedicated sunscreen. No matter how short on time you get, you should always put on a dedicated sunscreen if you’re going to be out and about. No, that foundation that claims to offer SPF is not going to cut it. If you hate the occlusive feeling of sunscreen on your face, try stick or gel formulations like Estee Lauder’s Perfectionist Pro Multi-Defense Aqua UV Gel SPF. Those are generally more lightweight and tend to offer a semi-matte finish.

Skip-care ultimately focuses on all-encompassing products that get the job done in one sitting – like Sunday Riley’s Good Genes All-In-One Treatment. This doesn’t mean that it compromises on quality, however. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Skip-care aims to be pared-down, efficient and effective, ultimately focusing on the quality of the products over quantity. But besides that, the routine also has the added benefit of being better for your skin. It essentially leaves time for the skin to rest and rejuvenate with its own restorative abilities. It challenges the notion that a more complicated and in-depth skincare routine is better. The reality of the situation is that an increased amount of products also introduces potential skin irritants.

There you have it: skip-care is not only more convenient and time-saving, it’s also better for your skin. Who knew being lazy had its perks?

Browse some potential additions to your skip-care routine below.