Whether you’re planning to sip some egg nog and ice skate in Central Park, or you’re going to be warming up on some glühwein in Berlin, winter holidays can take a serious toll on your skin, especially for us tropical folks. Here’s how to fix your post-winter face when you’re back home.

Red, flaky nose

Rudolf’s the only one that looks cute with a red nose, but if you’re faced with extreme cold, air conditioning or even excess friction from blowing your nose, your skin is probably parched. Apply an anti-inflammatory serum to reduce redness and boost hydration, while avoiding active skincare or makeup on your nose. Top it off with moisturiser.

Rough patches

It’s not rocket science — you’re dehydrated. Boost moisture levels with a hyaluronic acid serum, followed by a hydrating mist like Skin Inc’s Pure Serum Mist that you can spritz on throughout the day. The latter is a great one to take with you on the trip as a preemptive measure before dehydration occurs. Load up on hydrating sleep masks and use them more often in the first week or so when you come home until your skin gets back to normal.

Skin Inc Pure Serum Mist

Chapped Lips

Ever wondered why your puckers are the first to dry out from cold, blustery weather? That’s because your lips are made of delicate skin that doesn’t produce any oil. Unfortunately, this means that you need to stay far, far away from lipsticks (especially liquid lipsticks) and slather on a nourishing lip balm like La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Levres Barrier Repairing Balm or Laniege’s Sleep Lip Mask. Alterntively, use a smidge of your heaviest moisturiser and apply clear gloss over for a healthy sheen.

Dry hands and feet

Your hands and feet need extra TLC after battling the cold and being cooped up in boots and gloves all vacation. Start with dry brushing or gently exfoliating your skin before using a hydrating body oil. Layer with moisturiser every night. Bonus points if you can throw on some socks and sleep with them on your feet to nourish your skin back to health.