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Last Minute Yet Stunning Makeup Inspo For Wonderfruit Festival

The Wonderfruit Festival may be happening tomorrow, but here are some simple and still head-turning makeup looks to emulate.
Acne Studios
Your brows don’t need to be the standard (also, boring) black or dark brown shade. Let them in to be a part of the fun by filling them with two – or three – different colours. Anna Sui
To go with your sunset eye looks, blend the soft washes of pink and yellow all the way up to your temples and the high points of your cheekbones for an OTT twist on it. Anna Sui
And if you’re a binge-watcher of Europhia, here’s a Europhia-inspired look that you might be a fan of. With star-shaped silver tears and messy knots atop the head, this one’s a fun yet easy look to pull off. Ashish
And if being understated isn’t your thing, go with this more-is-more look. Don’t hold back on all the glitter products that you’ve been waiting to use. Ashish
Of course, don’t forget your brows as well. Ashish
Right down to your cupids bow and down the center of your pouters too. GCDS
This one’s probably not for the faint-hearted. Pack on an electric blue onto your peepers to make them look as dreamy as clouds. Giambattista Valli
Because flower crowns for festivals are so passe, wear them all over your face instead. Plus, you’ll blend in perfectly with the fields and greenery. Halpern
An evolved and exaggerated version of a glittery cat eye look, with a type of retro ’60s twist to it. Jeremy Scott
We’re obsessed with this foiled sci-fi lip that’s also a great way to put those metallic lippies to good use. Prada
It’s like colour-blocking but for the eyes. Experiment with contrasting shades on the upper and lower lids for maximum shock factor.