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5 Details We Loved from the Cartier Etourdissant Singapore Gala

The major takeaways: Tips with stylish and glamorous jewellery pieces, gorgeous gowns and the imposing venue - all of which are perfect for weddings.


The gala dinner was truly a celebration made for the stars. Spanning two days of glitz and glamour from 26 and 27 October 2015, Cartier celebrated the launch of its new high jewellery pieces amongst esteemed guests including lauded American director, producer, screenwriter and actress, Sofia Coppola. Here, three reasons why we couldn’t take our eyes away from the spectacular affair.


cartier jewellery

The jewellery
Lustrous, glittering pieces – from rings to necklaces and earrings adorned the beautiful models as they sashayed down the runway in the French maison’s high jewellery collection. The floor-length, champagne-coloured gowns accentuated – but didn’t take anything away from – the pieces perfectly.

The dinner also showed that Cartier’s jewellery collection isn’t just for couture fashion, but it can be worn with traditional costumes, like exquisite cheongsams, bridal baju kurungs, lehengas, sarees, and the Peranakan kebaya, too.

femalebrides cartier

cartier gown

The gowns
The models were togged in similar champagne-coloured gowns with different necklines that resembled bridesmaids in beautifully mismatched dresses – an idea for a glittery, gold wedding, perhaps?

cartier rooftop
The venue
We fell in love with the rooftop space at the National Gallery after we saw plenty of pictures on Instagram since its opening. The event, with its blue-hued lighting and glittery gobo light installations, only served to accentuate its beauty.


The dapper bell boys
For a dashing and whimsical celebration, have one or two of your wedding party or close friends, dress up in a uniform related to your wedding theme. It’s such a cute idea, and will make for wonderful photo ops, too.

Congratulations, Cartier Singapore, on a beautiful event well pulled off!