Who they are
We are a collective of three photographers, each with our own voice and perception of weddings. We do have a common love for documentary photography, and our photography reflects that. We believe strongly in unscripted, story-telling images. We don’t subscribe to a template approach as we believe that our photos should preserve memories, not create them.

#1 Hiring a professional wedding photographer is key
A professional wedding photographer brings with him years of experience; the ability to ensure that everything that tells the story is documented. it’s not about operating a camera, or the prowess of the gear. It’s the ability to string together the story of the day.

#2 Know what you want 
This includes style and colours, etc. More importantly, it’s not just the photographer’s technical ability, but his ability to convey a feeling, to tell a story. Find a photographer whose images don’t just “wow” you, but make you feel.


#3 Communicate with the photographer
“We usually tell our couples that we will keep our photography as casual and spontaneous as possible for pre-weddings. We rely a lot on communicating and talking while we are shooting. It’s a great way to learn more about our clients as well.”

A version of this article originally appeared in Female Brides Lookbook Issue 12.