1. Baby you’re a firework

There’s nothing quite as magical as having a shower of fireworks against an inky night sky to end your night. And destination weddings aren’t your only option – a local venue that allows couples to have fireworks as a backdrop is the Sky garden at iFly Singapore. From the rooftop location, you’ll get a spectacular view of Sentosa’s twice-daily fireworks.


2. Release balloons

Balloons always look pretty at a wedding, especially if they come in soft pastel shades. For a more environmentally-friendly alternative, guests can tie the balloons to their wrists with long strings and it’ll make for a lovely picture too!


3. Sky lanterns

Traditionally made from oiled rice paper and a bamboo frame, these lanterns are lit up and allowed to rise into the air. To the Chinese, these are known as Kong Ming lanterns, while the Thai call it Khom Loi, and consider it a symbol of good luck as they represent troubles and worries floating away. This ceremony has been gaining popularity amongst couples – the floating lanterns look mesmerising against the night sky. Like the balloons, you can also opt for environmentally options like bio-degradable lanterns, and adhere to all safety warnings as they can be potential fire hazards if they drift into trees, buildings etc.


4. A mass dance


Yvonne lim
Image: Youtube

If you have guests and friends who are game for it, get in them in on a mass dance like how actress Yvonne Lim at her nuptials to former Taiwanese boyband member Alex Tien, or rope in your bridal party for a synchronised performance .

5. Create a memorable wedding video like this couple did

Robert and Theresa Ly, a couple based in the US, got their guests in on the fun with a music video featuring a mash-up of popular hits. Guests received a ‘secret mission’ underneath each table and had only 10 minutes to prepare themselves before appearing onscreen. Check out the video, which went viral, here:

6. Party poppers and confetti cannons

Besides using them for your walk down the aisle, you can also arm your guests with party poppers or hand held confetti cannons (or even have machines around) and pull them all at once to really end the night with a bang.