1. Bigger isn’t always better
Small diamonds can have amazing, eye-popping sparkle, while bigger diamonds that are poorly-cut never measure up. A stone’s quality and value is a combination of carat, colour, clarity and cut.


2. Cut is king
Without a doubt, the cut is what makes a diamond truly sparkle, and actually creates the illusion of a larger gem.

3. Shop like a pro
A well-cut diamond reflects light in a way that seems to come from every part of the stone. If it looks dull and lifeless, JannPaul says it could be due to a light leakage from a flaw in the cut. If you’re not sure of what you’re looking for, a good jeweller will help you.

4. It’s okay to buy less than one carat
Once your diamond is set into the ring, it’s difficult for most to tell the difference between 0.90 and one carat.


5. Go for D
The best grade for diamonds according to JannPaul, begins with D, followed by E,F,G and all the way to Z. A D-grade stone is flawless, clear and colourless. As you go down the grades, less valuable ones have an obvious tint of yellow, which is not the same as fancy yellow diamonds. To judge the colour clearly, place your diamond next to a spectrum of others graded from D and so on. Look at it from the side on a sheet of white paper and under fluorescent lighting. If your budget is tight, a lesser grade may save you a few dollarrs. The trick? Set your diamond in yellow gold, so the yellow tinge is less obvious.


6. Bespoke is the way to go
Want a ring no one else has? From the computerised rendering to the choice of diamonds, and the moulding stage, when you try on a life-sized wax replica of your design before it’s moulded in your choice of gold or platinum, JannPaul’s staff will make sure you’re involved in every step of your ring’s creation.

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