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7 dazzling centrepieces made of ice! Why we love them!

These ones – from towering structures to glistening tiered cakes – are totally instagrammable! Want the look without the melting mess? Opt for crystal structures that’ll look just as good instead.

1. Wedding cake 
If you’re not keen on doing the cake-cutting ceremony, but still want the pomp and grandeur of a tiered cake as your centrepiece, this ice-cold replica is the perfect compromise. Photo: Instagram 2. A pair of swans
A symbol of love, union, purity and partnership, swans are a common sight at weddings. This one stood out because of its iridescence, and the sheer amount of detail that went into making it. Photo: Pinterest 3. Grand structures 
Whether you’ve derived inspiration from a real-life monument or from your favourite fairytale, this structure will impress just as much. Photo: Pinterest 4. Ice sculpture bar
This ice bar will make serving drinks, especially cocktails and beers, a cinch. Photo: Instagram 5. Ice flower globes
Instead of regular floral centrepieces, this one, encased in a ball of ice, gives it a modern, stylish edge. Photo: Pinterest 6. Cinderella's carriage 
While we wouldn’t recommend you arrive to the ball in this carriage, it still makes for a lovely backdrop for photo taking opportunities Photo: Pinterest 7. Champagne on ice 
This dramatic display for your champagne and other drinks, will have guests flocking to it. Photo: Pinterest