Vera Wang Bride. 

#1 “Choose a gown that flatters you and your frame. A gown that looks good on you is definitely an investment worth making. Especially if you decide to wear your investment gown on occasions outside the wedding aisle, it should be something that fits your personality and your style. Make sure you feel comfortable and confident in it.” – Melissa Tan, Haute Atelier Group (Vera Wang Bride Singapore)

#2 “Most women would know what designs suits them best based on their everyday wardrobe.  They would know, for example, that halter-necks are a no-no for narrow shoulders, or that a mermaid silhouette won’t fit her body if she prefers not to highlight thick waist! Bridal fashions are really just exaggerated and dramatic versions of classic, standard designs – waisted shapes, curvy silhouettes or fit and flare styles. Look for the design that you are most comfortable in, and look great wearing. Then decide on the details, fabrics and cuts that would accentuate your figure more.- Steve Thio, Contributing Editor, Her World Brides & Female Brides

#3 “Stay true to yourself, but keep your options open. Designers are there to assist in helping you look your absolute best on your wedding, so don’t settle for anything less.” – Amanda Lee, founder of Amanda Lee Weddings

#4 “I would also say pick the thing you love best about yourself and focus on that. For example if it’s a small waist, pick something that really defines your waist.” – Paul Vasileff, designer and founder, Paolo Sebastian

#5 “A lot of brides tend to get too caught up in getting the perfect dress or location, and making everyone else happy. Then they go through countless boutiques and stress themselves out. The key is to find one boutique that you are comfortable with, then trust that they are going to help you look your best on your big day.” – Peter Langner, designer. 

Designer Lela Rose. 

#6 “Your wedding gown should not be in a style that is ‘of the moment’; it should be something that reflects who you are and helps you be the most glamorous version of yourself.” – Lela Rose

#7 “Brides should be able to sit and move around at ease. After all, you would want to have fun during your wedding, and not be restricted by your gown. Especially if you’re planning a party after, make sure your gown is comfortable enough for you to dance in and have the time of your life!” Melissa Tan, Haute Atelier Group (Vera Wang Bride Singapore)

“Structured silhouettes and thicker fabrics maintain the shape of the dress.” Steve Thio. Image: Zuhair Murad/Showbit 

#8 “Silky, lightweight fabrics cut close to the body will reveal every unsightly bulge and curve. So unless you’re lithe and slim, stay clear of slinky materials for your dress. If you prefer more structured designs, then choose thicker fabrics that help maintain the shape of the dress well.” – Steve Thio, Contributing Editor, Her World Brides & Female Brides
#9 “It is very important that the dress suit one’s figure. I personally love sexy, skin-baring gowns but I often tell my clients, it is a wedding after all, so the dress should not be overly revealing.” – Pin Wah, Blush Blush Bridal Couture


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