William Kwan-Terry and Ang Guo Zi celebrated their union amidst loved ones and a beautiful Art Deco-inspired setting.

Stylish Art Deco Details Made This Wedding A 2

“We were determined not to let stress get to us, so we could focus on having a beautiful, relaxed evening with loved ones and guests. Ours was a simple do without gatecrashing or bridesmaids. I did not even have a change of dress for the night.

Stylish Art Deco Details Made This Wedding A 3

As architects, we share a common love for the bold and exuberant yet streamlined simplicity of the Art Deco era, so we had a Great Gatsby-style formal dress code, and our decorations were black and white, with accents of auspicious gold to keep older guests happy.

Stylish Art Deco Details Made This Wedding A

The most romantic moment was when William thanked my parents. For him, it was when I walked in for the solemnisation ceremony under a custom flower-adorned tree.”

Photography: Wan Sheng, Feldberyl

Special thanks to: Everyone who contributed to our celebration, and all who joined us that evening

This article was originally published in Female Brides Lookbook 9.