Female Brides Lookbook Issue 6

Smokey eyes with a difference
Inspired by the makeup of the 60s and 70s, Dollei created a shimmering palette of deep purples and greys, instead of the usual black and browns. Colours are blended into a glittery, smoky shade for the eyes, accentuated by layers of mascara and eyeliner. Brows are darkened while the cheeks remain pale. Dab on a layer of gloss for the lips.

Hair & Makeup: Dollei Seah/Makeup Entourage, using Matrix & Yves Saint Laurent.



Female Brides Lookbook Issue 3

All about the brows
What’s the trick to a strong #browgame without looking like Bert from Sesame Street? Thick eyebrows lend focus and structure to your look, but this doesn’t mean leaving them unkempt. Keep them well groomed and defined, and fill in sparse areas -we love powders or pencils for a natural look- with feathery strokes. Also, use a shade that is lighter than your hair so that it doesn’t look too harsh.

Hair: Fredy Ting (HP; 8490-8763), using Redken
Makeup: Marjorie Teo-Aldridge, using Dior


dark glamour1

Female Brides Lookbook Issue 7

Dark glamour
To really place emphasis on the eyes and lend drama, Tinoq blended a dark grey eyeshadow around the eyes, starting with a pearly lighter hue from the inner corners to a darker grey on the outer corners, extending all the way to the brows. Add sparkle with a hint of shine on the inner corners, and pretty glossy lips to balance the look.

Makeup: Tinoq Russell Goh/9816-2149
Hair: Dylan Chan/9338-6439


Female Brides Lookbook Issue 3

Go for graphic eyeliner
Winged eyeliner is great for lifting droopy eyes or those which slant downwards. For extra oomph, Kenneth drew a thick line and gave it an exaggerated flick, together with polished brows and crimson lips for classic glamour.

Hair & Makeup: Kenneth Lee (Hp: 9694-3670)
Model: Olga O/ Mannequin