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Bring The Outdoors In! 11 Lavish Ideas For A Garden-Inspired Ballroom Wedding

Growing up, we always wondered what people felt on their wedding day. When we actually tied the knot, we finally knew because everything in our life seemed to fall into place, and we felt incredibly content as well as blessed to be sitting beside each other. The celebrations ran over four days and we wore eight outfits in total! But the wedding was so much more than the grand feast we prepared for our guests. It was a celebration of our union and cultural backgrounds – he is from Brunei and is Chinese and Malay, while I am Indian and Malay. And nothing else could have measured up to the unconditional love, warmth and support we received from our families as well as friends. It touched our hearts to see everyone celebrate the love we have for each other.

The most romantic moment had to be when my dad passed his responsibility as my guardian on to Ali, who agreed to take me as his loving wife. Getting together after nearly four years of commuting and communicating long distance as Ali worked in Brunei felt surreal. Love, patience and perseverance pulled us through, and for that we are grateful for the blessings bestowed upon us by the Almighty. The pictures captured some truly touching moments. All the tears and laughter made our wedding the best celebration of our lives.


Wedding of Shahnaz Nazimuddeen& Ali Abdul Aziz Bin (B) Dato Seri
Pahlawan Haji Jofri 
Solemnisation Outfits & Makeup Mumbai Image by Nora Sahari Wedding Dinner Songket Outfit Raffiey Nasir Western Wedding Dress The Louvre Bridal Photography Esa Wedding GALLERY Solemnisation Venue Singapore Swimming Club Dinner Venue Fairmont SINGAPORE
Stamford Ballroom 
wedding Manager Wendy Ho Cakes Momentous Cakes Decor Istana Wedding Services

This story was originally published in Female Brides Lookbook Issue 14.

Perfect in pink: The couple wore matching pink outfits for their solemnisation at the Singapore Swimming Club.
Sparkling gold heels lend glamour to any wedding ensemble.
They also donned traditional Indian garb to honor Shahnaz’s Indian roots.
The solemnisation ceremony was a lavish affair.
The bridal party with betrothal gifts including the Duit Hantaran (cash gift).
Sweet floral treats to complement the mood of the romantic affair.
The opulent Stamford Ballroom set the scene for Shahnaz and Ali’s sophisticated bash in the evening.
“We asked for a romantic garden theme that reflected our first date – a picnic by the garden at Winchester Cathedral in the UK, where we met five years ago as University of Southampton students. We had pastel flowers, pretty makeshift garden fences and elegant chandeliers.”
An ice sculpture of the couple lent to the enchanting vibe of the evening.
“We made a promise to share our joys, sorrows, dreams and fears. Also to always be there for each other and to love unconditionally. Ali has taught me patience, humility and selflessness. He has also made me want to be the best wife, mother and friend ever.”
The wedding cake was a towering confection dressed in a pale cream hue and pastel blooms to match the garden theme.