A veteran in the beauty industry, GregO has painted the faces of international and local stars alike. From naturally gorgeous looks to going stylishly dramatic, we pick out some of the most stunning looks he has created for our editorial pages, plus tips on how he creates each one.

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Old World Glamour 
GregO created this glossy, old-Hollywood glam look that highlights deep vermillion lips, sculpted cheekbones and glistening coppery lids with lashings of mascara.


Female Brides52019Naturally Gorgeous 
Chocolate eyes defined with a hint of eyeliner and lush eyelashes create a romantic bridal look without looking overdone. This look works well for a day or outdoor wedding but if you’re having a banquet wedding, get your makeup artist to darken or intensify the makeup so you don’t look washed out by the lighting in the ballroom.


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Fabulously Dramatic 
Sometimes, more is more – the trick is to strike a balance. With stronger eyes and bold red lips, keep the rest of the face clean and pretty, adding just the slightest tinge of pink on the cheeks.


Smouldering Beauty 
The smokey eye look never goes out of trend, but there are tons of ways to do it. Here, GregO applied dark eyeshadow outwards from the outer corner of the eyes to create a winged effect that’s great for giving peepers a lift.



Fashion Forward     
If you’re the type who likes to experiment with new looks, rock a bright metallic eyeliner on the lower lashline for an unexpected pop of colour and strong brows. Then sweep on a blush with a peachy tone, and keep lips clear and nude for a pretty finish.


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