“Conceptualising and planning a wedding based on a couple’s fantasy is about creating an entire visual experience for the newly-weds and their guests that’ll make them say, ‘Wow! We didn’t think that was possible’,” says principal wedding planner Caroline Yakop-Lim, who specialises in lavish weddings, with her team. 

She works alongside senior wedding planner Emmalyne Pang, who produces classy, romantic affairs, and wedding planner Chelsea Low, who loves experimenting with fresh ideas and preppy, fun styles. 

“Before we get started, we find out all we can about the couples we work with, including their likes, hobbies and, most importantly, their love story. We also make sure we understand the priorities of both people because an effective design conversation is crucial to translating their vision of a visually stunning, personal experience.

“From Instagram posts, brides magazines and blogs to the latest fashion trends, as well as arts and film festivals, and our own travels, inspiration is all around us! Being with like-minded creative talents allows a vibrant exchange of ideas and resources that really contribute to the cohesive and pleasing look we want for our clients.  

“The entire celebration should look and feel like they own it. Everything from the invitations to the programme and the reception should be infused with details unique to them.”

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This story was originally published in Female Brides Lookbook Issue 14.