It breaks the mould
– The concept came about because the couple didn’t want the usual romantic portraits that’s the norm for most wedding shoots.
– Finding that there weren’t many such conceptualised shoots for weddings, photographer Skyy Woo proposed a futuristic theme that included elements like light tubes. “It’s modern, fashionable, simple and yet sensual,” she says.



Minimalist style
– The futuristic concept reflected the couple’s personal styles.
– The expressions, poses and details of the gowns were the main focus.
– Hair and makeup were sleek and simple to keep to the theme.


What the couple says
– “Chemistry with the team is essential.
– We are not professional models, so it’s important to work with a photographer who can direct us in terms of poses and facial expressions.
– It’s best to let your photographer know your concerns beforehand so that he/she knows what to look out for and you’re all on the same page.”


From the photographer
– “Get a professional team. It isn’t just professional models who can pull this look, you can too with the right team.
– On the other hand, couples need to understand what is suitable and not suitable for them. It’s always best to discuss this with the photographer”.
Photography Skyy Woo
Gowns: Ted Wu
Hair and makeup: The Make-up Pro