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#1 Great Barrier Reef Floating Home (Queensland, Australia) 

Surround yourself with the rich beauty of the Great Barrier Reef on this floating home which comes with 2 bedrooms, 3 beds and a spectacular view of the sparkling waters. Check it out, here.


#2 Quinta da Moura – Penafiel, Douro (Portugal)

Portuguese countryside ❤

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Take in the gorgeous sights of the River Douro and surrounding mountains, as you laze by the salt water pool or on the decks of this quaint two-storey country house which sits on the banks of the river. It also has a fully equipped kitchen and its very own animal farm. Check it out, here.


#3 Tree House, Los Angeles, CA, United States 

Perched on the edge of a promontory (a point of high land), this beautifully furnished two-storey cabin looks out to Beverly Hills and offers amazing view of Los Angeles. Two bedrooms occupy the top storey and it also has its own private yard and a glass bedroom below. Check it out, here


#4 Trullo Aromatic Green (Tuscany, Italy)

Escape the hustle and bustle of city life and head to this ancient 300-year-old trullo (stone hut) that’s nestled in the Tuscan countryside, and surrounded by fruit, nut and olive trees. Behind the stone walls, you’ll find a cosy space filled with Mediterranean-style decor. Check it out, here.


#5 Tower House (Tuscany, Italy) 

Another Tuscan abode, this 16th-century stone tower exudes a homely charm. The third and topmost storey looks out to the town of Città della Pieve and the valley below. There are also private terraces from which you can marvel at the golden sunset or relax under the stars. Check it out, here.


#6 Flamingo Rocks (Yucca Valley, Ca, United States)

Surrounded by rocky plains, you’ll be able to unwind in its outdoor hot tub, have a barbeque under the stars, or simply enjoy each other’s company within its chic, modern interiors. Adventurous couples can also take private canyon hikes around the area or head to town, which is a 15-minute drive away. The nearest cafe is a 2-minute drive away. Check it out, here


#7 Butley Priory (Suffolk, England) 


Originally a monastery, you can now have an elegant wedding reception in this elegant building. Tie the knot with the Drawing Room and Great Hall (both licensed for civil ceremonies) or have an outdoor party in the marquee during the summer. Check it out, here


#8 Augill Castle, Cumbria, England

Here’s where you can host the fairy tale wedding of your dreams. Behind the stately facade of the castle, which was built in 1841, there are 15 ornately-decorated bedrooms. The castle is available for private hire for up to 30 people and you can have an intimate reception in the dining room. Check it out, here