Image: Vera Wang 

#1 Get it cleaned 

“First thing after your wedding: send the gown for a good clean up to get rid of any stains you might have unwittingly subjected your gown to during the big day. Also, a specialist would be able to repair any damage to the gown and restore any beading, pearls or embroidery to make it look as good as new! The gown should be then be carefully folded and lined with acid-free tissue paper to prevent creasing and snagging, especially if you have embroidery. Just before you store it in a wedding chest, for good measure, wrap the gown up once more in unbleached muslin.”

“Store the chest in a dark, cool and dry place. Fortunately for us busy bees, some dry cleaners in Singapore sell wedding gown boxes as well. You can always leave it to the professionals to take care of storage for you. Some of these boxes even feature a little window so you can take a little peek when you feel like reminiscing that magical day.”

#2 Treasured heirloom

“For the sentimental bride, your gown will become a priceless family heirloom that holds precious memories to be shared with the next generation. What could be more meaningful than watching your daughter walk down the aisle in a classic timeless gown that is steeped in family history? Alternatively, you can turn it into a christening gown for your baby as well!”

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#3 For your big day & after 

Image: @verawanggang/Instagram

“For the bride who embodies a certain “je ne sais quoi” attitude, make the gown go the distance and wear it for non-matrimonial occasions! Take your cue from Keira Knightly who was seen rocking her wedding dress on multiple red carpet occasions after her low-key ceremony. Most recently, Sarah Jessica Parker made waves at the Golden Globes in the Viviana gown from the Vera Wang Fall 2017 bridal collection.”

“A timeless gown that flatters you can take you see through various occasions in style. For the more adventurous, you can even upcycle your wedding dress, dye it in another colour, or alter it into a cocktail dress. Give your investment gown new life so that the joy of your big day can be relished as often as possible, not kept in a box.”

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#4 Spread the joy 

“For the financially savvy bride, a timeless piece stored well and in mint condition can be resold at a reasonable price! There are many international sites that make it convenient to share your happiness with a bride from halfway around the globe! Why not make someone else’s day and enjoy the little pay-out from your investment?”

Image: Vera Wang 

#5 Pay it forward

“Donating it is another option. It’s not something that is commonly spoken about or considered, but there might be someone who needs a wedding dress and cannot afford it. There are some international organisations such as, a non-profit organization granting weddings and vow renewals for couples facing serious illness or a life-altering circumstance. Why not pay it forward and share the bliss you enjoyed with someone in need? Make someone’s dream wedding come true.

Closer to home, there’s also Angel Gowns Singapore, a group of ladies who repurpose wedding gowns into angel gowns for babies passed before their time.”


#6 To have & to treasure 

“Finally, for the bride who prefers to keep memories close, there’s really nothing wrong with keeping it for yourself. You can also celebrate your anniversaries with vow renewal ceremonies. That gown is symbolic of the emotional and financial investment that has gone into building the beautiful family you now have.”

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