Wl 3303

Wedding cake with icing ribbons and fresh flowers, and gold-trimmed butter cookies, Pine Garden’s Cake. Plates and gold cup and saucer, The Loft. Corte Engine place mat, CB2. Lamintae background, greenlam. Teapot, stylist’s own.

Wl 3254 Aa

From left: Floral centrepiece and table arrangement, Fiore Dorato. Red candles and candle holders, The Loft. Wedding cake with gold and jewel trims, Cherylshuen Wedding Concept. Pillar candle, stylist’s own.

Wl 3318

Gold-trimmed rum balls in push-up pop containers, Pine Garden’s Cake. Plate and candle holder, The Loft.

Wl 3269

Bouquet, Fiore Dorato. Iced cookies and raspberry minis, Cherylshuen Wedding Concept. Cake tray and red candle, The Loft. Dinner plate, CB2.