JNW0967 edit“The wedding was the glorious highlight of a beautiful dream that still goes on and on everyday. We had a “Royal Garden Grandeur’ celebration with lots of pink and blue, and a spiral lawn set-up for the solemnisation ceremony.

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JNW1189The most romantic moment was when the spotlights lit up the dance floor and we held each other close during our first slow dance. Another moment was when Jiahao sneaked on stage and surprised me by singing Richard Marx’s Now and Forever.

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The pictures and video of our big day will be cherished for a lifetime. They were taken with an experienced eye for unusual angles: each scene had an artistic flair.

Gowns: Bluebay Wedding
Thanks to Richard Lim and his amazing team from Mphoric Studios.

This story was originally published in Female Brides Lookbook Issue 7.