Catch the light with shimmering makeup in jewelled tints and hues. Keep it soft and romantic with peachy hues but with a dash of vibrant colour for sparkling eyes and luscious lips.

   Makeup Mavens Create 5 Timeless Looks 2

Sultry Eyes
Add colour and interest to the usual pinks and nudes. Dily Wang of Face Bistro focuses on the eyes with gentle glittering hues and a generous amount of mascara. The rest of the face is kept clean and clear with just a hint of peach.
Hair & makeup by Dily Wang/ Face Bistro

Makeup Mavens Create 5 Timeless Looks 1

Noir Romance
Sophion Loh goes for a strong and clean look that works wonderfully for today’s bride. The result: eyes with darker brows and thick, full lashes, and lips in a pale luscious pink with a layer of sheen.
Hair & makeup by Sophion Loh (HP: 9760-8304)



Makeup Mavens Create 5 Timeless Looks 5

Pretty Hues
Grego proposes a modern and romantic look with strong brows and a hint of bright colour for the eyes. Sweep on a blush with a peachy tone, and keep lips clear and nude for a pretty, polished finish.
Hair & makeup by GregO (HP: 9826-2681)



Makeup Mavens Create 5 Timeless Looks 3

Full Blush
Ernest comes up with a soft, romantic look that is delicate and youthful. Brows are lightened, allowing the eyes to catch the attention with dark, full lashes. Lips are kept nude while a strong rosy blush on the cheeks adds a summery sun-kissed feel to the overall look.
Hair & Makeup by Ernest Lim (HP: 9173-0613)



Makeup Mavens Create 5 Timeless Looks 4

Smoky Nudes
Keeping to a warm and earthy palette, Shaun applies rich tones to the eyes and cheeks to create a sensual look. Gentle golds and nude hues blend beautifully with the pink tones used for the cheeks and lips.
Hair & Makeup by Shaun Lee (HP: 9695-2581)

This spread was first published in Female Brides Lookbook Issue 4.