From stalactite-inspired pieces to sparkling jewellery that resemble the pansy, elements from Nature are woven into sophisticated designs.

Chaumet’s Lumieres d’Eau Collection

Nature Inspired Jewellery For The Romantic Bride 2
From left: The modern reinterpretation of the tiara created in 1904, and a diamond-encrusted cuff that conceals a watch with a mother-of-pearl dial.

Drawing inspiration from the 1904 naturalistic stalactite tiara created for Louis Cesar, Marquis de Lubersac, these pieces boast intricately crafted designs that resemble glistening stalactites and frozen rain. Gorgeous shimmer for that touch of glittering glamour on your wedding day.


Nature Inspired Jewellery For The Romantic Bride 3 “It is not just about setting diamonds on a necklace. It’s also about movement. So that the creation is at the service of women…,” says the jeweller.

The Lumieres d’Eau collection is available at Chaumet boutiques at #02-02 Ion Orchard, tel: 6834-4600 and #B1-93 Marina Bay Sands, tel: 6688-7050.

Boucheron’s Pensée de Diamants

Boucheron pays homage to the pansy with an entire line dedicated to the flower. The gorgeous petalled Pensées, which mean “thoughts” in French, not only send the message of “I’m thinking of you” to the receiver, but also make the perfect accents to a romantic gown.


Nature Inspired Jewellery For The Romantic Bride 1
Having influenced many of their past collections, the brand now recreates the flower in modern, yet timelessly beautiful pieces.

Boucheron is located at #02-01, Ion Orchard, tel: 6737-1313.