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Pose Perfectly For Your Wedding Pictures! 9 Real Brides Show Us How

The languid sitting position is fabulous if you have props like a piano, a bench or even a low wall. Keep your shoulders relaxed, but keep in mind not to slouch, then throw in a sultry gaze. Image: @galialahav   
Quing Jue and Ke Li opted for a futuristic and fashion-forward approach for their pre-wedding portraits. Skip the ladylike poses for edgy ones, and look through fashion magazines for inspiration. Photography: Skyy Woo Photography  Hair & Makeup: The Makeup Pros Gown: Ted Wu 
If you have a dress with a slit, put it to full use in your photo. Here, bare, crossed legs give a sexy, yet feminine vibe. Photography: Skyy Woo Photography  Hair & Makeup: The Makeup Pros Gown: Ted Wu   
Your bouquet is one of the focal points of your ensemble so make use of it in your photos. Image: @verawangbride/Instagram 
Veils never fail to look dreamy. Have yours fall around your shoulders, or even thrown over your head. Your expression should match the mood too. A small smile while looking downwards or away usually does the trick. Image: Female Brides Lookbook Issue 10  Photography: Mario The Nine 
Running creates a carefree and spontaneous feel for your photos – even better if you have flowy, airy skirts you can swish around to create extra movement. Image: @galialahav/Instagram
Have your husband lean in for an intimate kiss while holding you as Anna Joy and her husband did here. Image: @galialahv/Instagram 
Got a huge ballgown with a long train like Chelsea Wijaya? Make the most of it and have it spread out around you. Wedding of Glenn Olinskie & Chelsea. Photography: Rio Photography This image was published in Female Brides Lookbook Issue 12. 
We love huge windows and doors for enchanting backlit photos. This seemingly candid shot involves the bride looking down to touch or adjust her skirt. Image: @verawangbride/Instagram 
Flaunt a taut toned back or a wedding dress with stunning back details. This image was originally published in Female Brides Lookbook Issue 10.