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Quaint Towns & Snowy Alps: 5 Places In France For Gorgeous Wedding Photos

It’s not just about the Eiffel Tower. Photographer Jasper took a trip to beautiful France, and here are his recommendations for some of the most picturesque spots

All images: Jasper Yu 

If you’re dreaming of having your own fairy tale shoot, Colmar is the place to be. Dotted with medieval and early Renaissance buildings, this well-preserved town has an uncanny resemblance to Belle’s hometown in Disney’s Beauty & The Beast. Also known as Little Venice of Alsace, it’ll take you back in time as you stroll down its charming cobblestone streets, or along the winding Lauch River. Colmar
Colourful half-timbered buildings lining the streets. Colmar
The Colmar railway station or Gare de Colmar is one of the most iconic landmarks in the provincial city. Strasbourg
Like Colmar, Strasbourg is filled with medieval architecture. There are plenty of Gothic-style facades too, like the majestic Strasbourg Cathedral, which make for stunning backdrops. Strasbourg
The Strasbourg Cathedral. While wedding photography might not be allowed inside, its magnificent exterior looks incredible for pictures too. Paris
“This was taken near Paris Disneyland, beside the Magic Circus hotel. The painterly landscape brings to mind those seen in romantic Renaissance paintings,” Jasper says. Paris
“Of course, the Eiffel Tower. You don’t always need the entire Eiffel Tower in your shot. I took a different approach and took it under the tower, including only hints of the structure and a view of the sunset.” Chamonix
The resort area, renowned for its alpine skiing, is situated at the base of Mont Blanc, the highest summit of the French Alps, so you’ll get glorious views of snow-capped mountains for wintry wedding photos. Chamonix
“Bowling with a view of the Alps?”