ant_xunyu0483Female Brides Lookbook Issue 10

1. As it was a Chinese-themed celebration, Foo Xun Yu had her bridesmaids dressed in super cute cheongsams with modern twists, like bold prints and pleated skirts.

45Female Brides Lookbook Issue 10

2. These white sheaths with black panels and lace not only look great in photos, they make office-appropriate and chic after-hours pieces that can be worn after the wedding too.


mag18Female Brides Lookbook Issue 10

3. Like Lauren Lindau’s wedding theme, her bridesmaids’ draped maxi dresses with embellished waists were simple and elegant.


Kevin & Brigitta - 012Female Brides Lookbook Issue 5

4. Instead of having everyone dressed in the same outfit, Brigitta Snellenburg decided on a common colour scheme and let her bridesmaids choose their own dresses.

   lincoln_calista0713 Female Brides Lookbook Issue 7

5. Or, ditch the coordinated look or colour scheme all together and let them come in their own interpretation of the theme -in this case, vintage. It’s all about having fun on your big day, after all.

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