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Rustic Or Sensational - This Wedding Planner Delivers Inspiring & Downright Fabulous Events

Whether it’s jazzed up, rustic or something downright fabulous, unforgettable events by Inside The Knot usually start with an inspiring, simple idea. 

“Before we get started in any wedding plans we sit down with the couples and have them share what their dream wedding would be like,” says founder and creative director Rubina Tiyu.

“Then our team brainstorms. Once we have something concrete and their approval, we get the bride and groom involved in some of the creative process. Planning a wedding is very personal, so we all need to be on the same track.”

“One of the most memorable ones we did took place in Chijmes in 2016. Inside The Knot was the first to introduce fairy lights along the Chijmes walkway, and it’s become one of the most popular set-ups ever!”

“I am really thankful to that couple for trusting our plan.”


Inside The Knot, tel: 8799-0300


Classic Elegance
Gorgeous white roses paired with green foliage give the table a sophisticated and elegant vibe. Photo: Feelm Pink Blush
Nothing exudes romance like clouds of pink. Minimal glassware lend modern elegance to the tablescape. Photo: Feelm Lavish and Sensational
“We don’t have a specific style. Every couple is different and we try our best to fulfil their dreams and wishes.” Photo: Axioo Rosy Affair
“What keeps us going? Being inspired by new ideas everyday – from our past work, things that surround us and what we see online. Even working with our partners can be an exciting experiance as we share tips and talk about how we can make our events even better.” Dreams become reality
“Once everything is in place, all our couples need to do is sit back and watch their dream become a reality.” Photo: Pixioo