belmond1#1 Belmond Andean Explorer
If long-distance train journeys have you thinking of uncomfortable and cramped experiences, this isn’t it. The Belmond Andean Explorer, to be launched in May 2017, is South America’s first luxury sleeper train and boasts posh cabins, a lounge car, two dining cars and modern amenities that will have you travelling in style and comfort from Cusco, the ancient capital of the Inca Empire—traversing the highest plains of the Andes—to the stunning Lake Titicaca.



#2 Icehotel, Sweden
Just as its name implies, this cool hotel is created from ice, with individually themed suites hand-carved by artists around the world. Most of the suites only last for a few months – since the ice melts in summer – but the deluxe spaces (equipped with a private sauna, shower and toilet), are available all year round thanks to a specially designed solar-powered building.

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#3 The Mirrorcube, TreeHotel, Sweden
This futuristic accommodation takes tree house-living to a whole new level. The Mirrorcube room is constructed with mirrored walls that reflect their surroundings, which means you’ll get to enjoy privacy while enjoying a panoramic view of the Lule River valley, unspoiled forest and the river. It also comes with wifi, a double bed, bathroom, lounge and a rooftop terrace.



#4 Atlantis The Palm, Dubai
If waking up to beautiful sea creatures swimming around you is your kind of thing, then check yourself into the underwater suites of Atlantis The Palm in Dubai. The opulent rooms feature full-length windows that look out into a lagoon with more than 65,000 marine inhabitants.



#5 Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, Finland
Sleep under twinkling stars and admire the beauty of the Northern Lights in the midst of Finnish wilderness in one of the resort’s glass igloos. Each is built in the ground, and has a glass roof so you’ll be able to marvel at the spectacular view as you snuggle up to your other half on its double bed. Bookings are available from August to April, which is also the  best time for viewing the Northern Lights.